TikTokers Roast Southwest Airlines on Wellness TikTok

  • Southwest Airlines shared a TikTok video that showed a flight attendant returning a lost stuffed animal.
  • After Southwest’s national meltdown in December, commentators are calling the video “damage control.”
  • “Cool and all, but you still left me stranded at the airport for three days,” one comment read.

On Friday, Southwest Airlines posted a TikTok chronicling the journey of Dog Dog, a stuffed animal that was left behind on a recent flight to Dallas.

The video, which racked up nearly 600,000 views on Saturday, showed photos of Dog Dog sitting on the tarmac, looking out the plane’s window, lounging in the cockpit and finally, after returning home.

“Viewpoint: A Southwest employee picks up your abandoned stuffed animal and mails it back to you with a photo album showing its adventures while away from you,” the post read.

But following the airline’s massive collapse in December – which left thousands of passengers stranded and caused chaos at airports across the country – some TikTokers were weary of the company’s feel-good post. .

A small stuffed dog sitting on an airplane safety manual.

Dog Dog reading airplane safety manual.

Southwest Airlines/insider

Comments calling on the company for what users perceived as “damage control” garnered thousands of likes. Some wrote that it was an attempt by the marketing department to repair the company’s reputation, and others made jokes at Southwest’s expense.

“I’m surprised the theft of the stuffed animal hasn’t been called off,” one comment read. “That’s cool and all, but you still left me stranded at the airport for three days,” read another.

Other TikTok users who viewed the video appeared less skeptical, applauding the airline for reuniting Dog Dog with its owner.

A child in a car seat holding a stuffed dog and looking out the window.

Luna, pictured, has reunited with her stuffed animal, Dog Dog.

Southwest Airlines/insider

According to a statement Southwest provided to Insider, Dog Dog’s owner is a child named Luna, who was traveling with her mother, Jessica, a Southwest employee. Jessica was on her way to Dallas to celebrate her 10th anniversary with the company when she realized they had left Dog Dog behind, according to the statement.

“I couldn’t believe we left his stuffed love behind, so I quickly called my colleague Christina, who’s been a friend from work for years, and she offered to pick him up. “, Jessica said, according to the statement.

“A week later, Christina’s house was flooded and I was hesitant to go back,” she continued. “But unsurprisingly, she kept Dog Dog safe and enlisted a few other employees to make memories with Luna’s stuffed puppy.”

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