BBC crisis intensifies as players and stars rally behind Lineker

LONDON (AP) — The BBC faced an escalating crisis on Saturday following the suspension of former soccer star and program host Gary Lineker for comments criticizing the British government’s new asylum policy.. As a growing number of players and presenters rallied in support of Lineker, Britain’s national broadcaster faced allegations of political bias and suppression … Read more

Pope Francis at 10: a reformer’s learning curve, plans

VATICAN CITY (AP) — So much for a short pontificate. Pope Francis celebrates the 10th anniversary of his election on Monday, far exceeding the “two or three” years he once envisioned for his papacy and showing no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, with an agenda full of problems and plans and no longer … Read more

What is happening at the Fukushima power plant 12 years after the collapse?

OKUMA, Japan (AP) — Twelve years after the meltdown of the triple reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Japan is preparing to dump a massive amount of treated radioactive wastewater into the sea. Japanese officials say the release is inevitable and should begin soon. Wastewater management is less of a challenge than the … Read more

Young French people oppose raising the retirement age

PARIS (AP) – Young people in France – some of whom have not even entered the labor market yet – demonstrate Thursday against the government’s desire to raise the retirement age. Students plan to block access to some universities and high schools, and a youth-led protest is planned in Paris on Thursday, part of nationwide … Read more

Teachers protest suspected poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iranian teachers staged protests in several cities on Tuesday over suspected poisonings targeting hundreds of schoolgirls. Security forces dispersed several of the protests using water cannons and tear gas, activists said. Meanwhile, prosecutors have begun filing criminal charges against journalists, activists and others for their comments on the still-unsolved … Read more

A generation of Venezuelan children knows only struggles

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Valerie Torres’ mother has tried to shield her from the worst of Venezuela’s protracted crisis — the deadly protests, the sick begging for help, malnourished children with protruding ribs. At school, his teachers don’t even broach the subject. But just before her 10th birthday this month, the youngster is insightful beyond … Read more

Miami faith community strives to help new exiles and migrants

HIALEAH, Fla. (AP) — Days after selling everything she had to flee Cuba with her three children on a crowded boat, Daneilis Tamayo raised her hand in praise and sang the catchy opening anthem of Sunday worship in this suburb of Miami. “The only thing that gave me strength was the Lord. I’m not going … Read more

Lawyers are fighting for the man they say the United States was wrongfully deported to Haiti

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Paul Pierrilus was deported two years ago from the United States to Haiti where he tried to survive in a chaotic and violent country where he was neither born nor lived. . Both of his parents are Haitians but they emigrated to the French Caribbean territory of Saint-Martin where … Read more

Global race to increase the range of electric vehicles in cold weather

By TOM KRISHER and MARK THIESSEN March 4, 2023 GMT TOK, Alaska (AP) — Alaska’s rugged and freezing interior, where it can get as cold as minus 50 Fahrenheit (minus 46 Celsius), isn’t where you’d expect to find a school bus electric. But here is the No. 50 bus, with a cartoon horse decal … Read more

Leaked messages from UK health chief reignite raw pandemic debate

LONDON (AP) — Coronavirus lockdowns have been lifted and face masks are in short supply in Britain these days. But COVID-19 is back in the headlines thanks to the leak of more than 100,000 private messages sent or received by the Minister of Health as the government rushed to respond to the new, fast-spreading respiratory … Read more