Project Willow: Biden approves massive oil drilling plan in Alaska

Washington – The Biden administration said Monday it endorses the controversial major Willow Oil Project on Alaska’s oil-rich North Slope, one of President Biden’s most important climate choices that is likely to draw condemnation from environmentalists who say it goes against the Democratic president’s promises. The announcement comes a day after the administration, in a … Read more

Siamak Namazi: American imprisoned in Iran appeals for Biden’s help

CNN — The longest-held US prisoner in Iran has made a moving plea to US President Joe Biden to put the “freedom of innocent Americans above politics” and step up his efforts to secure his release, in an interview without precedent with CNN from Iran’s infamous Evin prison. “I remain deeply concerned that the White … Read more

US Vice President Expresses Support for Texas Abortion Trial | Health info

The administration of US President Joe Biden has come out in support of a recently filed lawsuit against the Texas abortion ban, led by five women who were denied reproductive health care in the State. On Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris released a statement calling the women’s stories “devastating.” “As the president and I have … Read more

In Selma, Biden says voting rights remain under attack

SELMA, Ala. (AP) – President Joe Biden has used the burning memories of Selma’s “Bloody Sunday” to recommit to a cornerstone of democracy, praising a founding moment of the civil rights movement at a time when it was not able to push enhanced voting protections through Congress and a conservative Supreme Court undermined a landmark … Read more

Judy Heumann, known as the ‘mother of the disability rights movement’, dies at 75

Judy Heummanna renowned activist who helped pass legislation protecting the rights of people with disabilities, has died at the age of 75. News of his death Saturday in Washington, DC was posted on his website and social media accounts and confirmed to The Associated Press by his youngest brother, Rick Heumann. He said she had … Read more

This was the most ridiculous part of the Supreme Court debate over student loan relief

As the Supreme Court heard arguments on President Joe Biden’s student loan debt relief plan this week, the justices asked questions about the definition of the relevant statutory language and whether the plaintiffs had standing to sue, as well than on constitutional questions concerning the separation of powers. These are all typical questions to be … Read more

Biden, preparing his re-election bid, urges Democrats to tout achievements

President Biden on Wednesday urged Democratic lawmakers to talk more about what the party has accomplished over the past two years as it prepares for a re-election bid. “My friends, you all know everything we’ve done, but a lot of the country still doesn’t,” he said at the House Democratic Caucus’s issue conference in Baltimore … Read more

Biden appoints Julie Su as next secretary at work

Washington – President Biden names Julie Su, the current Congresswoman and former California official, as his next Secretary of Labor, replacing the outgoing holderformer Boston mayor Marty Walsh. Su, a civil rights lawyer and former head of the California Department of Labor, played a central role in negotiations between labor and freight railroads late last … Read more

Jill Biden talks about safer sex and condoms with young adults in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — It was a learning Saturday for U.S. First Lady Jill Biden in Kenya. She praised young adults for learning safe sex and dating practices, attended a meeting of women who started their own banking system, and spoke with local entrepreneurs who have been helped by a program that connects tractor owners … Read more

Mike Pence, Trump’s former vice president, slams GOP Putin apologists during speech in Ukraine

Former Vice President Mike Pence speaks during a parent rights rally February 15, 2023 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Charlie Neibergall | PA Former Vice President Mike Pence, the Republican presidential candidate for 2024, on Friday denounced his own party’s “apologists” for Russian President Vladimir Putin while issuing a strong plea for the United States to … Read more