Chinese companies and tycoons rush to calm investors after SVB collapse sparks anxiety

hong kong CNN — The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which courted Chinese start-ups, has sparked widespread concern in China, where a series of founders and companies have rushed to appease investors claiming their exposure is insignificant or non-existent. SVB, which worked with nearly half of all venture capital-backed tech and healthcare companies in … Read more

Sudden and unexpected infant deaths increased among black babies in 2020

CNN — Every year, thousands of babies die suddenly and unexpectedly, and more than 3,300 young lives were lost in 2020. Rates have remained stubbornly high in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, even as overall infant mortality has dropped to a record low. A study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics found that … Read more

California’s Atmospheric River: Residents urged to evacuate homes as dangerous rains heighten flood risk in already affected areas

CNN — California officials issued evacuation warnings in parts of several counties amid powerful storms that could bring heavy rains and cause widespread flooding in the central and northern parts of the state on Friday. The most dangerous amount of rain could affect nearly 70,000 people along California’s central coast, stretching from Salinas south to … Read more

California’s Atmospheric River: California officials step up preparedness efforts as powerful storm threatening heavy rain and flooding closes in on millions of people

CNN — Millions of people in central and northern California are bracing for an alarming storm starting Thursday, with heavy rain threatening to cause widespread flooding in areas already mired in the perilous aftermath of multi-day snowfall . More than 17 million people are under flood watch in California and slices of Nevada, with much … Read more

Barbie pays tribute to a group of seven pioneering women, including the Wojcicki sisters, with their very own Barbie doll

new York CNN — Barbie isn’t one to be pigeonholed into a profession just because she’s a woman. She’s had 200 impressive careers on her resume — doctor, astronaut, computer engineer, CEO, and even presidential candidate. For International Women’s Day on March 8, Mattel (owner of the Barbie brand) hopes to inspire young girls to … Read more

March Full Moon: When to See the Worm Moon

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news about fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN — The last full moon of winter will light up the skies this week, and it coincides with another special opportunity for sky watchers. Named the Worm Moon by Native American tribes in the … Read more

Countries agree to historic ocean treaty to protect high seas

CNN — Nearly 200 countries have agreed to a legally binding treaty to protect marine life in international waters, which cover around half the planet’s surface but have long been essentially lawless. The agreement was signed on Saturday evening after two weeks of negotiations at the United Nations headquarters in New York that culminated in … Read more

Despite toxic disaster, railroads still want one-person crews

new York CNN — The country’s major freight railways have long wanted to have only one crew member, a lone engineer, in the cab of their locomotives. And that desire has not changed despite the derailment of a Norfolk Southern train on February 3 that released toxic chemicals into the air, water and soil of … Read more

West Coast and Northeast Brace for Snow and Dangerous Road Conditions as New Storms Hit the United States

CNN — Americans on the West Coast and Northeast face heavy snowfall, high winds, power outages and treacherous road conditions as a series of storms hit opposite sides of the United States. United. Nearly 50 million people in the northeast are under winter weather alert as a storm that has brought tornadoes, damaging winds and … Read more

Tornadoes and high winds hit the central United States as another round of rain and snow hits the west and north

CNN — While high winds have caused reports of tornadoes overnight in parts of the central United States, another series of storms bringing snow, rain and high winds are expected to spread from the state of Washington to southern California and across the Great Lakes region on Monday, hitting areas where hundreds of thousands are … Read more