CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin says covering the SVB collapse is like ‘walking a tightrope’

new York CNN — Andrew Ross Sorkin woke up early Monday morning, well before dawn, having managed to squeeze in a few hours of sleep. The New York Times columnist had been up late at night to work on his DealBook newsletter. And now he had to get up for a special edition of “Squawk … Read more

Chinese companies and tycoons rush to calm investors after SVB collapse sparks anxiety

hong kong CNN — The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which courted Chinese start-ups, has sparked widespread concern in China, where a series of founders and companies have rushed to appease investors claiming their exposure is insignificant or non-existent. SVB, which worked with nearly half of all venture capital-backed tech and healthcare companies in … Read more

Norfolk Southern balks at compensating homeowners whose home values ​​plummeted after derailment

washington d.c. CNN — Jim Stewart was about to sell his house in East Palestine, Ohio, and retire. Then came the derailment of a Norfolk Southern train on February 3, releasing toxic chemicals into the air and nearby water, and he fears that his home’s value will plummet. He and his wife were hoping to … Read more

Hong Kong asks: what to do with 40,000 empty Covid quarantine units in the event of a housing shortage?

hong kong CNN — Behind the gleaming skyscrapers and multimillion-dollar homes that have made this city the world’s most expensive real estate market lies a far less appealing parallel reality: one of the world’s seemingly most intractable housing crises. . Welcome to Hong Kong, where the average house sells well north of a million dollars … Read more

How does a bank collapse in 48 hours? Chronology of the fall of the SVB

new York CNN — This week, the go-to bank for U.S. tech startups quickly unraveled, leaving its powerful clients and investors in limbo. Silicon Valley Bank, facing a sudden bank run and capital crisis, collapsed Friday morning and was taken over by federal regulators. It is the biggest failure of a US bank since Washington … Read more

Mental health startup exposes personal data of over 3 million people

Washington CNN — A mental health startup has exposed the personal data of 3.1 million people online. In some cases, potentially sensitive mental health treatment information was leaked, according to a company statement and a Department of Health and Human Services filing. Cerebral, a California-based company that connects people suffering from anxiety and depression with … Read more

London fears for its future as companies defect to Wall Street

London CNN — London has a history of punching well above its weight in global financial markets. For years, the London Stock Exchange has attracted an outsized share of investor capital relative to the size of the UK economy, reflecting the international nature of its listed companies. In 2000, stocks listed in the UK accounted … Read more

Bank of Japan keeps rates low as Kuroda sticks to script at swansong meeting

Tokyo Reuters — The Bank of Japan (BOJ) kept interest rates ultra-low on Friday and delayed changing its controversial policy to control bond yields, leaving options open before a leadership transition in April. Although widely expected by most analysts, the decision sent the yen and local bond yields tumbling as some investors canceled bets that … Read more

Disney Boss Bob Iger Talks Future of Marvel, ‘Star Wars’, ESPN and Hulu

new York CNN — Bob Iger’s vision for Disney is becoming clearer. During his appearance at Morgan Stanley’s annual technology, media and telecommunications conference, Iger spoke at length about the future of the entertainment Goliath he once again finds himself leading, giving insight into his projects for media power. The CEO touched on a wide … Read more

Crypto’s go-to bank has collapsed. And now?

Editor’s note: A version of this story appeared in CNN Business’ Nightcap newsletter. To receive it in your inbox, subscribe for free, here. new York CNN — The financial world witnessed a classic run for the bank yesterday when Silvergate Capital, the go-to US lender to crypto companies, said it would halt operations and voluntarily … Read more