Shipwreck in Italy: After a tragedy, no peace for the dead or the living

CNN — Two weeks after a boat full of migrants sank off the coast of southern Italy, there is still no peace for the living or the dead, and the missing – mostly children – continue to s wash up on the beaches. The latest – a girl aged five or six – was discovered … Read more

Pope Francis at 10: a reformer’s learning curve, plans

VATICAN CITY (AP) — So much for a short pontificate. Pope Francis celebrates the 10th anniversary of his election on Monday, far exceeding the “two or three” years he once envisioned for his papacy and showing no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, with an agenda full of problems and plans and no longer … Read more

London fears for its future as companies defect to Wall Street

London CNN — London has a history of punching well above its weight in global financial markets. For years, the London Stock Exchange has attracted an outsized share of investor capital relative to the size of the UK economy, reflecting the international nature of its listed companies. In 2000, stocks listed in the UK accounted … Read more

Forecasters: La Nina, the wicked unwanted guest of the weather, is leaving

WASHINGTON (AP) — After three difficult years, the La Nina weather phenomenon that increases hurricane activity in the Atlantic and worsens drought in the west has passed, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday. This is usually good news for the United States and other parts of the world, including drought-stricken northeast Africa, scientists … Read more

Young French people oppose raising the retirement age

PARIS (AP) – Young people in France – some of whom have not even entered the labor market yet – demonstrate Thursday against the government’s desire to raise the retirement age. Students plan to block access to some universities and high schools, and a youth-led protest is planned in Paris on Thursday, part of nationwide … Read more

Travel updates for March 2023

Spring is almost upon us, which means that many people want to travel during spring break to take advantage of the mild weather or to take advantage of off-season travel discounts. There are relatively few restrictions on international travel that can impact travel. However, some popular pre-pandemic destinations may still be difficult to reach. As … Read more

Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis apologizes for deadly train disaster

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis apologized on Sunday for any responsibility the Greek government may bear in the deadliest train crash in the country’s history, while a station master makes facing charges gave his account of the events leading up to the tragedy. At least 57 people have been killed when a … Read more

Deadly shipwreck: how it happened and unanswered questions

STECCATO DI CUTRO, Italy (AP) — “Italy, here we come! cheered the young men, in Urdu and Pashto, as they filmed themselves standing on a boat sailing through bright blue waters. They were among about 180 migrants – Afghans, Pakistanis, Syrians, Iranians, Palestinians, Somalis and others – who left Turkey in hopes of a better, … Read more

Global race to increase the range of electric vehicles in cold weather

By TOM KRISHER and MARK THIESSEN March 4, 2023 GMT TOK, Alaska (AP) — Alaska’s rugged and freezing interior, where it can get as cold as minus 50 Fahrenheit (minus 46 Celsius), isn’t where you’d expect to find a school bus electric. But here is the No. 50 bus, with a cartoon horse decal … Read more

The sale of Olympic tickets for the Paris Games starts with a bang

PARIS (AP) — Organizers of next year’s Paris Olympics have promised relatively modest prize money and “equal” access to events, thanks to an online system intended to revolutionize ticket sales and bring the masses in stadiums and arenas for as little as $26. However, as the first month-long sales round draws to a close, many … Read more