Silicon Valley Bank has signed exclusive banking agreements with certain customers

A delivery man drops off pizza at the headquarters of Silicon Valley Banks in Santa Clara, Calif., on March 10, 2023. Noah Berger | AFP | Getty Images Bank of Silicon Valley had exclusivity clauses with some of its customers, limiting their ability to leverage the banking services of other institutions, according to SEC filings. … Read more

You have an elegant solution for the Silicon Valley Bank crisis

“CNBC Special: America’s Banking Crisis” airs Sunday at 7 p.m. ET, where Jim and other pundits will discuss the ramifications of the Silicon Valley Bank’s demise on the economy and stock market. Fears of contagion to banks with profiles similar to Silicon Valley Bank have brought together several government agencies to find a buyer for … Read more

Here’s what could happen next to Silicon Valley Bank customers

A customer stands outside the closed headquarters of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on March 10, 2023 in Santa Clara, California. Justin Sullivan | Getty Images Silicon Valley Bank customers, along with investors and bankers around the world, are awaiting an announcement from U.S. regulators on what comes next after the biggest bank failure since 2008. … Read more

Silicon Valley Bank bankruptcy prompts investors to seek government help

Big names in Silicon Valley and the financial industry are publicly calling on the federal government to push another bank to take on the assets and liabilities of Silicon Valley Bank after the financial institution went bankrupt on Friday. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) will cover up to $250,000 per depositor and may begin … Read more

Silicon Valley Bank’s woes signal more problems for the startup market

Bank of Silicon Valley has long been seen as the lifeblood of tech startups, providing traditional banking services while funding projects and ventures deemed too risky for traditional lenders. Billions of dollars of venture capital flow in and out of bank vaults. But the 40-year-old company’s intimate ties to technology make it particularly susceptible to … Read more

No ramp out for Powell from the Fed until he creates a recession, economist says

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell testifies before a U.S. Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on “The Semi-Annual Report on Monetary Policy to Congress” on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 7. 2023. Kevin Lamarque | Reuters The US Federal Reserve cannot pause its cycle of raising interest rates until the country enters … Read more

Rupert Murdoch slammed Fox host Sean Hannity: court filing

A billboard truck seen outside Fox News headquarters. Members of the Truth Tuesdays and Rise and Resist activist groups gathered at the weekly FOX LIES DEMOCRACY DIES event outside the NewsCorp Building in Manhattan, this time with a billboard truck. Erik McGregor | Light flare | Getty Images More revelations from Fox Corp. President Rupert … Read more

Chinese giants play high-end smartphones against Apple, Samsung

Huawei spin off Honor had one of the most prominent booths at Mobile World Congress in February 2023. It was right next to Samsung’s booth, a sign that Honor is targeting the South Korean company in the high-end segment of the phone market. smartphones. Arjun Kharpal | CNBC Chinese smartphone makers are looking to break … Read more

Tech salaries in Singapore mostly jumped in 2022, new report says

“The outlook for 2023 in the tech talent and hiring market is expected to show continued demand for tech talent, albeit at a slower pace compared to recent years,” writes Nodeflair and Iterative’s Tech Salary Report 2023. . Phiromya Intawongpan | E+ | Getty Images Salaries for technicians in Singapore mostly jumped in 2022 despite … Read more

Meet the woman who invented a whole new subsection of tech that will be worth $1 trillion

Ida Tin coined the term “FemTech” in 2016. Hint Ida Tin wanted to study art at university when she accidentally landed a place in a business course – she then became a trailblazer in an industry thought to be worth over $1 trillion. “I literally got lost in the hallways and found myself in an … Read more