Norfolk Southern balks at compensating homeowners whose home values ​​plummeted after derailment

washington d.c. CNN — Jim Stewart was about to sell his house in East Palestine, Ohio, and retire. Then came the derailment of a Norfolk Southern train on February 3, releasing toxic chemicals into the air and nearby water, and he fears that his home’s value will plummet. He and his wife were hoping to … Read more

Shipwreck in Italy: After a tragedy, no peace for the dead or the living

CNN — Two weeks after a boat full of migrants sank off the coast of southern Italy, there is still no peace for the living or the dead, and the missing – mostly children – continue to s wash up on the beaches. The latest – a girl aged five or six – was discovered … Read more

California’s Atmospheric River: Residents urged to evacuate homes as dangerous rains heighten flood risk in already affected areas

CNN — California officials issued evacuation warnings in parts of several counties amid powerful storms that could bring heavy rains and cause widespread flooding in the central and northern parts of the state on Friday. The most dangerous amount of rain could affect nearly 70,000 people along California’s central coast, stretching from Salinas south to … Read more

California’s Atmospheric River: California officials step up preparedness efforts as powerful storm threatening heavy rain and flooding closes in on millions of people

CNN — Millions of people in central and northern California are bracing for an alarming storm starting Thursday, with heavy rain threatening to cause widespread flooding in areas already mired in the perilous aftermath of multi-day snowfall . More than 17 million people are under flood watch in California and slices of Nevada, with much … Read more

Deadly shipwreck: how it happened and unanswered questions

STECCATO DI CUTRO, Italy (AP) — “Italy, here we come! cheered the young men, in Urdu and Pashto, as they filmed themselves standing on a boat sailing through bright blue waters. They were among about 180 migrants – Afghans, Pakistanis, Syrians, Iranians, Palestinians, Somalis and others – who left Turkey in hopes of a better, … Read more

Despite toxic disaster, railroads still want one-person crews

new York CNN — The country’s major freight railways have long wanted to have only one crew member, a lone engineer, in the cab of their locomotives. And that desire has not changed despite the derailment of a Norfolk Southern train on February 3 that released toxic chemicals into the air, water and soil of … Read more

A look at some of the train disasters in Europe in recent times

A frontal collision between a passenger train and a freight train in Greece left dozens dead and dozens injured. Train travel in Europe is a common, relatively affordable and convenient way for many Europeans to travel. It also has a good safety record overall, getting safer over the past few years. Yet the tragedy in … Read more

West Coast and Northeast Brace for Snow and Dangerous Road Conditions as New Storms Hit the United States

CNN — Americans on the West Coast and Northeast face heavy snowfall, high winds, power outages and treacherous road conditions as a series of storms hit opposite sides of the United States. United. Nearly 50 million people in the northeast are under winter weather alert as a storm that has brought tornadoes, damaging winds and … Read more

Tornadoes and high winds hit the central United States as another round of rain and snow hits the west and north

CNN — While high winds have caused reports of tornadoes overnight in parts of the central United States, another series of storms bringing snow, rain and high winds are expected to spread from the state of Washington to southern California and across the Great Lakes region on Monday, hitting areas where hundreds of thousands are … Read more

Earthquake in Turkey: nearly 200 people arrested for alleged poor construction

Istanbul, Turkey CNN — Nearly 200 people have been arrested for suspected poor construction following the catastrophic earthquake that hit Turkey earlier this month, Turkey’s Justice Ministry said. About 50,000 people were killed in Turkey and Syria after the February 6 earthquake. The ministry said 626 people were “suspicious” after buildings completely collapsed or were … Read more