Premier League relegation scrap: form, schedule, odds, predictions

Relegation from the Premier League requires serious downsizing, as nine remarkably high teams lie within six points of 20th in the 2022-23 Premier League table.

It means we’re set, at least for now, for more six relegation points than at any time in recent memory – many of them you’ll see below will involve Bournemouth – and the odds are in favor of a relatively surprising team heading for the championship.

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At the moment Wolves and Saints are the in-form sides in the fight, although the former are in much better form than the latter, while Leicester are on the longest losing streak in the league and Crystal Palace could definitely use a win.

Will the bottom three of the Premier League, Bournemouth, Southampton and Everton, still be there at the end of the season?

Below, you’ll see the latest standings, matches for teams still at risk of moving to the second tier, relegation odds, and our prediction of who will collect how many points.

Premier League table (8 March 2023)

Premier League schedule

Remaining fixtures for relegation scrappers

Wolves: Newcastle (A), Leeds (H), Forest (A), Chelsea (H), Brentford (H), Leicester (A), Palace (H), Brighton (A), Villa (H), Man Utd (A) , Everton (H), Arsenal (A)

Crystal Palace: Man City (M), Brighton (A), Arsenal (A), Leicester (M), Leeds (A), Southampton (A), Everton (M), Wolves (A), West Ham (M), Spurs (A) ), Bournemouth (H), Fulham (A), Forest (H)

The City of Leicester: Chelsea (H), Brentford (H), Palace (H), Villa (H), Bournemouth (H), Man City (H), Wolves (H), Leeds (H), Everton (H), Fulham (H) , Liverpool (M), Newcastle (A), West Ham (M)

West Ham: Villa (H), Southampton (H), Newcastle (H), Fulham (H), Arsenal (H), Bournemouth (H), Liverpool (H), Palace (H), Man Utd (H), Brentford (H) , Leeds (H), Leicester (A)

Nottingham Forest: Spurs (A), Newcastle (H), Wolves (H), Leeds (A), Villa (A), Man Utd (H), Liverpool (A), Brighton (H), Brentford (A), Southampton (H) , Chelsea (A), Arsenal (H), Palace (A)

London: Brighton (H), Wolves (A), Arsenal (A), Forest (H), Palace (H), Liverpool (H), Fulham (A), Leicester (H), Bournemouth (A), Man City (A) , Newcastle (H), West Ham (A), Spurs (H)

Everton: Brentford (M), Chelsea (A), Spurs (M), Man Utd (A), Fulham (M), Palace (A), Newcastle (M), Leicester (A), Brighton (A), Man City (M) ), Wolves (A), Bournemouth (H)

Southampton: Man Utd (A), Brentford (A), Spurs (A), West Ham (A), Man City (A), Palace (A), Arsenal (A), Bournemouth (A), Newcastle (A), Forest ( A), Fulham (A), Brighton (A), Liverpool (A)

Bournemouth: Liverpool (H), Villa (H), Fulham (H), Brighton (H), Leicester (H), Spurs (H), West Ham (H), Southampton (H), Leeds (H), Chelsea (H) , Palace (A), Manchester United (H), Everton (A)

The key games that will decide the fall of relegation to the Premier League

Saturday March 18: Wolves vs Leeds – 11 a.m. ET
Saturday April 1: AFC Bournemouth vs Fulham – 10am ET
Saturday April 1: Crystal Palace vs Leicester – 10am ET
Saturday April 1: Nottingham Forest vs Wolves – 10am ET
Sunday April 2: West Ham vs Southampton – 9am ET
Tuesday April 4: Leeds vs Nottingham Forest – 2.45pm ET
Saturday 8 April: Leicester vs AFC Bournemouth – 10am ET
Saturday April 8: Leeds vs Crystal Palace – 12.30pm ET
Saturday April 15: Southampton vs Crystal Palace – 10am ET
Saturday April 22: AFC Bournemouth v West Ham – 10am ET
Saturday, April 22: Crystal Palace v Everton – 10 a.m. ET
Saturday April 22: Leicester vs Wolves – 10am ET
Tuesday, April 25: Wolves vs Crystal Palace – 2:30 p.m. ET
Tuesday April 25: Leeds vs Leicester – 2.45pm ET
Tuesday 25 April: Southampton vs AFC Bournemouth – 2.45pm ET
Saturday, April 29: Crystal Palace vs West Ham – 7:30 a.m. ET
Saturday April 29: AFC Bournemouth vs Leeds – 10am ET
Monday May 1: Leicester vs Everton – 3pm ET
Saturday May 6: Nottingham Forest v Southampton — Time TBD
Saturday May 13: Crystal Palace vs Bournemouth — Time TBD
Saturday May 20: West Ham vs Leeds — Time TBD
Sunday May 28: Crystal Palace vs Nottingham Forest — Time TBD
Sunday 28 May: Everton vs AFC Bournemouth — Time TBD
Sunday 28 May: Leicester vs West Ham — Time TBD

Premier League title odds (as of 8 March 2023)

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Wolves: +800
Crystal Palace: +750
Leicester City: +600
West Ham: +500
Nottingham Forest: +170
Leeds: +155
Everton: -110
Southampton: -200
Bournemouth: -300

Prediction for Premier League relegation drop

12. West Ham, 41 points
13. Wolves, 40 points
14. Palace, 40 points
15. Leicester, 38 points
16. Nottingham Forest, 35 points
17. Leeds, 35 points

18. Everton, 33 points
19. Southampton, 32 points
20. Bournemouth, 28 points

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