Pokemon GO Leak Apparently Confirms New Legendaries and Hisuian Evolutions

With a new Pokemon GO season approaching, dataminers have apparently found new details about some of the upcoming Legendary and Hisuian monsters being added.

In anticipation of the upcoming new season, Pokemon GO dataminers have apparently uncovered new details about the arrival of new Legendary and Hisuian forms. Over the past few years, Niantic has continued to expand the roster of available Pokémon from the hit mobile game, including newer in-game forms such as Ultra Beasts, Zamazenta, Zacian, and even a crossover featuring the creature. Paldean Gimmighoul.

The current season known as Season of Light has featured a fair amount of new Alolan Pokémon that have been added to the game. This list includes creatures like Mareanie, Togedemaru, Crabrawler, and the mysterious Cosmog that players could eventually evolve into Solgaleo or Lunala during the Astral Eclipse event. As the current season draws to a close, fans are wondering what’s next for Pokemon GO.


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Unofficially, it seems that at least part of this question has been answered thanks to Pokemon GO dataminers. A new Twitter post from an account known as PokeMiners has leaked new assets found through datamining of game files. While fans should remember that datamined information is subject to change, assets include Regieleki, Regidrago, and Kleavor as well as their shiny variants.

At this time, Niantic has not revealed any information about the upcoming season of the theme that it may encompass. However, the datamined assets, if accurate, could indicate that Niantic is planning a themed season or event in the coming months, which the developer has done quite often, such as last year’s Welcome to Alola event. which brought in the likes of Jangmo-o and its evolutions as well as Rockruff, Tapu Koko, and Tapu Lele.

While there are still plenty of questions about where the popular mobile game will go in 2023, Niantic has shared some details regarding its monthly Community Day weekend events. Following Noibat’s arrival in February, Niantic revealed upcoming Community Days dates for March, April, and May. While the specific Pokemon haven’t been revealed yet, players can at least prepare for March 18, April 15, and May 21. ‘t been featured in a few years at least. For example, January introduced Larvitar, a Pokemon that hasn’t been in the spotlight since 2018.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS.

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