Ireland’s pro-trans government seeks to erase ‘woman’ from constitution: claim

Ireland’s pro-transgender government is now seeking to erase the word “woman” from the country’s constitution, the leader of a populist party in the country has claimed.

Hermann Kelly, the leader of the Irish Freedom Party, told Breitbart Europe that the pro-transgender Irish government is now aiming to have the word “woman” removed from the Irish constitution in pursuit of its progressive goals.

Authorities in the country have spent the last week pushing for ‘transgender issues’ to be taught in schools across the country – despite one of the country’s biggest school associations chastising the plan as not being supported by “scientific or medical consensus”.

Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s first gay prime minister and premier of an ethnic minority, or taoiseach, has now announced that the country will hold a referendum in November this year on the repeal of part of the country’s constitution which grants special protections to a woman’s right to family life, arguing that this amounts to women being “discriminated against” because of their historical role as caregivers.

However, Kelly suggests instead that the referendum – the text of which has yet to be agreed – is not about protecting women, but about removing gendered language from the constitution.

“This is about confusing the sexes and erasing the word ‘woman’ from the Constitution,” the party leader told Breitbart Europe, with the passage protecting a housewife’s place being indeed the only one. times the word is used in the current draft of the country’s central legal document.

Kelly went on to say that state authorities seek to undermine the idea that only women can have children, saying the government needs to recognize the biological reality that men and women are different.

“It’s woke nonsense,” he said. “We need to put biology and family before transgender and erase the word ‘woman’.”

By contrast, Ireland’s NGOs and political elite have largely welcomed the upcoming referendum, with one pro-transgender group calling the current language used in the document “outdated and sexist”.

In the meantime, officials have continued their crusade to have transgender taught in schools across the country, despite significant resistance from church groups, parents and one of Ireland’s largest school associations.

While the country’s prime minister and deputy prime minister (tánaiste) have previously voiced support for the progressive ideology being taught in schools, Ireland’s leftist president spoke out on Thursday in apparent backing for reforms.

While not explicitly referring to transgender, President Michael D. Higgins said schools across the country must be required to teach sexuality in the “broadest sense,” adding that any educational institution that refuses to do so should be punished.

“The demand for respect and the right to experience it should be available to everyone,” he said. “It must be taught, encouraged and its absence sanctioned.”

This follows an earlier statement by the head of state condemning members of the public who protest against the country’s open border policy as “sowing hatred”.

“These people walking around whipping people and so on, you haven’t seen them before advocating for housing, or for women’s rights, or for equal rights of any kind,” he said. he asserted, channeling Hillary Clinton in describing the actions of the majority labor protest movement not as “deplorable” or “irremediable” but as “unforgivable”.

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