Changed AR scan policy allows Pokemon GO players to avoid ‘boring’ research tasks

Niantic is changing its AR mapping policy, allowing Pokemon GO players to use a loophole and avoid boring quests altogether.

It is now possible for Pokemon GO players to avoid having AR mapping quests in their Special Research task queue, thanks to an update made by Niantic in an effort to get better quality AR scans. The tasks simply require a Pokemon GO the player must walk to a Pokestop and use their phone to scan the area; the information Niantic gathers from these AR scans allows it to better keep maps up-to-date and experience higher quality AR experiences for players, such as Pokemon interacting with the environment instead of just floating past it.


AR mapping was introduced to Pokemon GO two years after the game’s release in 2018, when Niantic’s frustration with using Google Maps led it to switch to OpenStreetMap, but, still unsatisfied, AR mapping quests started popping up on people’s phones. players. If Niantic couldn’t find the maps it liked, it would outsource the work to players and use exploration coaches to help map the world and create its own more reliable 3D maps. But players didn’t like having to walk to a specific Pokestop that isn’t always nearby. This led to tasks remaining in the queue unfinished, taking up space and preventing players from getting the most out of their experience.

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Niantic released an official message on Friday alerting players that from now on, only those who generate high-quality scans will receive the quests. In other words, if a Pokemon GO If the trainer consistently sends low-quality AR scans, they will stop receiving them, freeing up a research task slot for more easily complete quests. For reference, Niantic said a good quality scan should be in focus and always keep the Pokestop as the central focal point, with the cameraman surrounding it 360 degrees in order to get full coverage.

Only players level 20 and above who have a phone with a nice enough camera qualify for AR mapping tasks, but players never seem to want to qualify. When Pokemon GO first implemented these special research tasks, they received a lot of backlash as players did not appreciate being asked to stand in a public place while awkwardly holding their phones for an extended period of time.

The announcement was met with players enthusiastically sharing their plans to produce the worst possible quality scans as often as they could to speed up the launch of the list of trainers eligible for Pokemon AR scan tasks. GO.

Pokemon GO is available to play now on mobile.

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